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Reviews & Results

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Before and After using the Glow Getters Only Turmeric Soap alone for just 2 months!


After using Pillow Talk Whipped Eczema Cream.

Before the Elixir

Before and after using AME SKINCARE all natural handmade skincare

After using the Lemon Elixir:

"Genuinely pleased with the Lemon Elixir" -- Review by Marcus on 30 Apr 2019
" In my honest opinion, these products are genuine and light on your skin. I was looking for something to add shine and take away blackheads to my facial routine instead I got more than what I asked for! The lemon elixir not only moisturized my face, but it cleared up many of my blackheads by following the nightly routine that was recommended! I am extremely pleased with this product and will continue to use it as not only is it free of harsh chemicals, but it is 100% organic and feeds into a healthy natural glow with a light scent that's not overwhelming! Very satisfied! "



My client here wanted to fade a hyper-pigmented area on her left cheek; all photos here are of her left cheek. After 3 months of using the Himalayan Rosé Salt Exfoliator, she was able to achieve that!


Our owner after using the Lemon Elixir Oil Serum for just 4 days! --No makeup in either picture.




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