Glow Getters Only Bundle Kit | Acne & Dark Spots

Glow Getters Only Bundle Kit | Acne & Dark Spots

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$120+ Value Bundle with FULL-SIZED products

This set is amazing for those who want to target dark spots and acne!

What it includes: 

1-Glow Getters Only Turmeric Soap (3.4oz)

1-Vitamin C Toner (4oz)

1- Lemon Elixir (1oz)

1-Daily Moisturizing Souffle with Niacinamide (0.5oz OR 1.7oz)



1. Wash face with GGO Turmeric Soap with lukewarm water.

2. Tone using by spraying the Vitamin C Toner on a cotton-pad and swiping the pad in an upward motion on skin.

3. Apply the Moisturizing Souffle w/ Niacinamide liberally--usually 2-3 pumps will do.

4. Apply the Lemon Elixir as needed to any dark spots or active breakouts you may have.

*It's packaged with biodegradable packing peanuts; they melt when they come in contact with water!