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 The Meaning Behind "ÂME"

(am) noun, feminine

1. soul; spirit; heart; essence 

Âme means soul in French. Stephanie, the founder, puts her soul and love into each handcrafted product. She hopes you feel as though you're wrapped in luxury while using AME. 

Our Humble Beginning

To improve my dry skin condition after using drug store products, I created my own skincare product in the summer of 2018 using cocoa butter and essential oils. After using the concoction, my skin appeared renewed. With the encouragement of my late boyfriend Sacha,  ÂME SKINCARE was born.

Given my interest in pursuing dermatology, I created the brand for people with sensitive skin who want to avoid harsh ingredients in their skincare. While creating these products, I take the time to research every ingredient carefully. This is because I want to ensure that none of the components would cause allergic reactions or skin damage. After extensive and continuous research of emulsifiers, plant oils, ceramides, essential oils, fragrances, etc., I was able to settle on a set of ingredients for my products where I felt confident that these ingredients would not cause injury to the users and would be beneficial.




Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@ameskincare.com or at (954)-947-7218.